Woodland Radio Pouch

$5.95 - $6.95
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This is a MOLLE II Woodland Radio Pouch. It's designed to carry the SINGARS, AN/PRC-199/F radio or similar sized radios. This pouch makes a great general purpose utility pouch as well. It's easy to attach into and remove from the rucksack. It measures approximately 14" x 13" x 11" when laid flat. It also features a drain grommet in the bottom. Adjustable webbing straps inside and outside of the pouch can be used to secure gear or add additional MOLLE gear.

Quality Guide

  • New - These pouches look basically brand new.  We can't tell whether they've been used or issued, but they may have a small blemish from being stored with other pouches.
  • Excellent - These pouches will show minimal signs of wear, possibly including scuffs on the snaps, dirt, or small blemishes.