Uncle Mike's Standard Retention Jacket Slot Duty Holster

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Uncle Mike’s® engineered these dual retention holsters to fit the spectrum of law enforcement pistols, revolvers, and use scenarios. A non-stretch retention strap takes the point. It's backed up by an independent tensioning device that adjusts to apply varying degree of clamping pressure.


  • Soft nylon lining
  • Cordura® nylon construction
  • Adjustable for vertical, butt forward, or muzzle forward draw
  • Molded sight track
  • Adjustable tensioning device
  • Non-stretch retention strap/thumb break
  • Fits a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • Conforms to fit your weapon

Size Guide

This sizing information was taken from Uncle Mike's website:

Holster SizeWeapon Size
Size 20Beretta 9mm, .40, Smith & Wesson 10mm, .45 (5" barrels), Taurus 9mm, .40
Size 23Ruger P85, P89, P90, P91, P93, P94, P95, P97


Item Condition

These holsters were acquired from the US military in bulk and are in overall very good condition.  They will show some minor signs of wear including scuffs on the plastic, but will be in fully functional working order.