Spare Barrel Case / Range Bag (OD Green)

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This is a genuine US military surplus spare barrel bag designed for the M60 barrel.  This case is made from vinyl and nylon and can accommodate a wide range of barrels or even carry short or folding stock rifles.  This case measures approximately 29" long. The exterior of the bag is made tough to withstand water and abrasions, and features two zippered compartments.  The shoulder strap is detachable. This would make a great range bag for carrying spare parts, a rifle that's broken down, cleaning supplies, or anything else you may need at the range!

Style Options

Functionally, these bags will be the same regardless of the styles mentioned here.  However this is a noticeable difference in color between the two options.

  • Newer / Lighter OD - These bags appear to be more recently manufactured and will come with the removable shoulder strap.
  • Older / Darker OD - These bags appear to be older and will most likely not come with the removable shoudler strap.

Quality Guide

  • Very Good - These bags will only show minor signs of typical use, including writing, dirt, stains, or small scuffs.
  • Acceptable - These bags will show heavier signs of use mentioned above, but will still be fully functional.
Olive Drab (OD) Green