Rothco Tactical Tourniquet and Shear Holder Pouch

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Rothco's Tactical "TQ" Pouch is specifically designed to hold your tourniquet and shears with an elastic hook and loop compartment, and a hidden back pocket with a horizontal hook and loop strap that feeds through the handle of your shears. The tactical tourniquet and shear holder pouch features a versatile design with back MOLLE straps that allow you to attach the tourniquet pouch vertically or horizontally to your battle belt, military vest, and various other tactical gear items. The tactical pouch's main hook and loop compartment provides quick and easy access to your tourniquet and includes elastic side straps so you can hold different size tourniquets. The hidden back pocket and horizontal hook and loop strap allow you to securely hold your shears in place by feeding the strap through the handle.

  • Main Hook And Loop Compartment Provides Quick And Easy Access To Your Tourniquet (Tourniquet Sold Separately)
  • Elastic Straps Located On The Sides Of The Main Compartment Allow You To Hold Different Size Tourniquets (Tourniquet Sold Separately)
  • Horizontal Hook And Loop Strap And Hidden Back Pocket Are Designed To Store Your Trauma Shears – Hook And Loop Strap Feeds Through The Handle Of Your Shears To Securely Hold Them In Place (EMT Shears Sold Separately)
  • MOLLE Tourniquet Holder Features A Front Loop Field With Red "TQ" Lettering And A Red Pull-Tab
  • Tactical Tourniquet And Shear Holder Pouch (6 ¾" x 2" x 1") Can Be Attached Vertically Or Horizontally To Your Battle Belt, Military Vest, Or Other Tactical Gear With The Back MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) Straps