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NARP Talon II 90C Collapsible Litter

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North American Rescue Products, Inc. 60-0002 6530-01-504-9051

When the U.S. Army envisioned an improved litter, North American Rescue built it. Talon II 90C, the most compact and versatile litter on the market, allows casualty transport in restricted compartments. By extending the ergonomically designed handles, the Talon becomes a standard NATO-compatible evacuation platform. Already the U.S. Marine Corps official battlefield litter, the Talon 90C is today’s ultimate TACEVAC solution.

This is the ultimate in compact and lightweight litters, weighing in at only 16.4 pounds.  Fully extended, this litter measures 90" L x 22.5" W x 6" H and has a ground clearance of 1.5".  The Talon II 90C litter folds down 4 times down to just 20.5" H x 9.5" W x 8.5" D.  This litter is designed to fit inside of the NARP Casevac Bag (also known as the Warrior Aid and Litter Kit) for easy transportation.

  • Certified Safe-to-Fly U.S. Army Rotary Wing
  • Retractable, ergonomically designed handles
  • Automatic locking hinges
  • Slip-resistant, chemical-resistant ripstop fabric tested & approved by Federal & private labs using live warfare agents
  • 6 IV-attachment points
  • 2 patient-securing straps

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