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Military Personnel Parachute
MC1-1C/D 35ft Canopy

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Mills Manufacturing Foliage 11-1-1501-3

The MC1-1C maneuverable parachute assembly designed by the United States Army in 1988 from the basic MC1-1B canopy is used primarily for a premeditated jump when a precision soft landing in a small target area is necessary.  The MC1-1C and MC1-1D parachute systems both use the same canopy.

These canopies are great to have when camping or even at the beach as solar shades.  Other possible uses include airsoft, military reenactments, and more!  They are not waterproof but they do reduce the intensity of rainfall if you are trying to use as a shelter.

MC1-1C/D Characteristics

  • Shape: Parabolic
  • Diameter (nominal): 35 feet (10.7m)
  • Gore Material: 1.1 oz, type I Low Porosity 0-5-5.0 ripstop nylon parachute cloth
  • Vent Line Material: Type II nylon cord, PIA-C-5040 400 lb (181.8 kg) tensile strength
  • No. of Suspension Lines: 30
  • Suspension Line Material: Type II nylon cord, PIA-C-5040 400 lb (181.8 kg) tensile strength
  • Canopy Weight:  15.75lbs

Item Condition

These canopies are brand new items, however the canopy is not airworthy as the suspension lines have been cut as part of the standard demilitarization process.  Each line has at least a couple feet still coming off the canopy, so they could still be used to tie up to a tree or stake to the ground if needed.  The canopies themselves are not cut, the holes you see in the pictures are part of the canopy design to allow for steering and speed reduction.

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