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Mechanic's Tool Bag

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Olive Drab (OD) Green 5140-00-473-6256

This is a genuine US military surplus tool bag. It features two sturdy carrying handles and a zipper closure. Inside there are two dividers. This would make a great general purpose tool bag for the car or truck, or for storing other items like ratchet straps or bungee cords.

Item Conditions

  • New - These bags appear to be brand new and never used.  Some are still in their original bags.
  • Very Good - These bags are in great shape with only minimal signs of use.  Perhaps a small stain or a little dirt.
  • Good - These bags will show more signs of use including dirt and stains, but still have a lot of life left in them.
  • Acceptable - These bags will be heavily soiled with dirt, grease, or stains and may have a small rip or hole.  They could still have more life left in them after a little cleaning and attention.

Product Reviews

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by on September 29, 2018
Was surprised to get 3 CANVAS material Tanker tool bags. From the picture, it looked like the nylon type. But I always preferred canvas sea bags, canvas fly kit bags and even like real canvas on these tanker tool bags. I rolled the dice for the cheapest at 9.95 per bag and boy, were these bags quite soiled. I soaked them in detergent, lots of brown water for about 3 soakings, and still probably not got it all out. Like oil residue or grease, who knows what? Also flipped bag inside out to cut lose fibers, Irish Penants. Burned off with lighter. Pretty rude and crude, BUT...functional. Great zipper, very tiny holes here and there but nothing major. Very minor punctures here and there. Bags looked very much used for many years. One was missing zip pull lace. I greased up zippers with petroleum jelly. Overall, ill give it three stars for cleaning effort to make it useable. Value was fair. Shipping cost brought the three bags to 15 dollars each. Not a screaming deal but I can't find cheaper elsewhere. These USGI Tanker tool bags are not anywhere cheap. Overall, I'm glad I got them. I'm using one as my line bag as an aircraft mechanic. I know they are rugged and won't tear. Lots of room for my tools. I have a nylon Tanker tool bag I've had for 26 years, I switched bags and took my cleaner, better condition bag home. This canvas bag fits the bill for my line bag. Other canvas bag I use in my car for Jack gloves, other tools. That bag was the ugliest but great life left, great zipper, fully functional. I got one spare left. The spare bag I could see no US stencil but the other two I could make out.
by on January 8, 2018
Good sturdy bag, fair price for condition. Fast shipping. Would purchase again.
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