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Camel Solar Shade System

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Camel Mfg. Co. Tan P/N 5-4-9697 5410-01-519-7185

This is a US Military surplus Camel Manufacturing Co., Solar Shade System, Type II.  This is a 50' x 50' x 10-14' pole supported shelter designed to provide general purpose solar protection for food rations, supplies, munitions, vehicles, or other requipment.  Telescoping poles hold up the solar shade and the height of the shelter can be adjusted from 10' to 14' high.  Provides 2000 sqft of cover.  These solar shades are complex-capable meaning that multiple modules can be joined together to create a larger shelter.  The solar shade is a light-weave open material that provides solar protection; it is not designed to provide shelter from other elements such as rain.

The crate dimensions for this solar shade system are aproximately 79" (L) x 27" (H) x 25" (D), and weighs approximately 440 pounds.

Item Condition

These solar shade systems are brand new US military surplus equipment and are still in their original crates.

Local Pickup Only

Due to the size and weight we are not offering any shipping options for these solar shades.  We are located in the Dayton, OH area and you are able to pick this up from our location after completing the purchase.  You can contact us to schedule a date and time to pick up this solar shade.  Please keep in mind the size and weight of this product before you plan to pick it up, as you will need to load it into your truck.

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