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ALICE Pack Frame

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Frame with Waist Belt and Kidney Pad

Frame Features

  • Heavy duty and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Can be equipped with kidney pad, quick release waist belt, and quick release padded shoulder straps.
  • Frame buckles and straps are guaranteed to be intact.
  • Frame fits Medium and Large ALICE LC-1 and LC-2 Field Packs.
  • 1 5/8" waist belt fits up to 48" waist.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.
  • Measures 22" long x 12" wide.
  • Frame may have some scratching and other normal wear.

Item Configurations

100% Surplus Configurations

  • Bare Frame - You will receive the bare frame only, with nothing attached to it.
  • Frame with Belt - You will receive a frame with the kidney pad and waist belt attached.
  • Frame with Straps - You will receive a frame with the shoulder straps attached.
  • Frame with Belt and Straps - You will receive a frame with the kidney pad, waist belt, and shoulder straps attached.

Surplus and New Reproduction Configurations

  • Frame with New Repr. Belt and Straps - You will receive the surplus frame, with new manufactured reproductions of the shoulder straps and kidney pad/waist belt.  The reproductions are not US military items but have been reproduced to mimic the original look and quality.

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