NARP Casevac Bag

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This pack, the NARP Casevac Bag, is the framework of the Warrior Aid and Litter Kit (WALK), the official US Army vehicle life-saving kit.  The pack is truly a unique and very versatile design.  These packs were not only designed to hold a complete first and and trauma kit for the US Army, but they can also hold the Talon II 90C quad fold collapsible field litter.  This pack could be easily have many other uses limited to only your imagination: a household first aid kit, an emergency bug out bag, or even a range bag.

The pack features a large rectangular main compartment that runs the full length of the pack, accessible through a velcro and buckled roll-top opening at the top of the pack.  This compartment was designed to hold the Talon II 90C collapsible litter (or the older model Talon II 81C litter).

On the front of the pack are three square zippered medical compartments designed to hold items from first aid or trauma kit.  On each side of the pack are two large buckle and velcro closure pouches.  All of the pouches and compartments on this pack seal closed with either velcro or zippers, there are no loose openings with just a buckle to hold it closed.

Item Condition

These packs are US military surplus items that are generally in excellent condition.  They look like they have been in storage for a while as some of the packs are a little dusty and dirty.  None of the parts are broken or even look that worn.  You will receive the empty pack without the litter or any contents inside. 

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