Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag with Hood

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This is a genuine US Army surplus Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag with Hood, made in the USA by Tennier Industries. This sleeping bag is rated down to temperatures of 10 F and is filled with synthetic polyester material. This is a mummy style sleeping bag, so you know you'll be comfortable and snug while sleeping outside under the stars!

Note: This is not the same "Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag" from the Modular Sleep System. This is a different sleeping bag that is not compatible with the MSS. It just so happens that the military keeps using the same names for products over the years.

  • Solid Olive Drab color
  • 35" Wide, 87" Long
  • Outer shell of bag is water-repellent & wind-resistant
  • Oxford Cotton inner shell 
  • 100% Polyester filler
  • Heavy double-tab slide zipper closure
  • Snap closure in case zipper fails
  • Heavy woven nylon reinforcement on button placket
  • Heavy, durable double zipper with inside and outside pull tab
  • Cinch cord around face hole
  • Roll ties on bottom of bag
  • Comes with velcro-chin close polyester sleeping hood.
Olive Drab (OD) Green
Tennier Industries