Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag (Improved / ACU)

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This is a genuine US Army surplus Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, a component of the Improved Modular Sleep System, made in the USA by Tennier Industries. This listing is for the intermediate cold weather sleeping bag only; no other components of the sleep system are included. This would make a great sleeping bag for all-season camping, good for temperatures from 30° F to -10° F. This sleeping bag may be combined with the Patrol Sleeping Bag and the Bivy Cover to form the Improved Modular Sleep System.

Quality Guide

  • Like New - A sleeping bag that appears flawless and never issued or used.  We receive these items in bulk from the military so we cannot say for sure whether or not they are brand new.
  • Very Good - A sleeping bag that shows very minor signs of use but is in great condition.  No holes, rips, or tears in any of the components.  All zippers, snaps, and drawstrings will function normally.
  • Acceptable - A sleeping bag that will show signs of moderate to heavy use.  Any defects will not hinder the sleeping bag's intended use and would be easy for someone to repair.  There may be one or more small holes in the fabric (most are pin-holes but some may be larger, up to approximately the size of a dime).  All zippers, snaps, and drawstrings will function normally.

Included Components

Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag - This urban grey mummy-style sleeping bag is rated for temperatures down to -10° F. It features an oversized zipper for easy opening and closing, and snaps for connecting to the other sleep system components. It also features a draft flap over the zipper to prevent heat loss, as well as a drawstring cord around the hood to seal in even more heat.

Exterior Dimensions, when laid flat:

  • Length: 87"
  • Width, at feet: 23"
  • Width, at shoulders: 35"
Urban Grey
Tennier Industries