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This is a genuine US military surplus Waist Belt in Coyote Brown.  This belt is a component of the FILBE pack system.  The belt attaches to the plastic pack frame via webbing straps.

Quality Guide

These items have been previously used and issued by the USMC, and each belt we receive is graded into one of the following categories.

  • Very Good - These belts will show only minor signs of wear and may have a small scuff, scratch, or have tape or writing on the belt.
  • Good - These belts will show more moderate signs of use and may have small spots on the padding that are starting to wear through to the inner layer of padding or have some fraying around the straps.
  • Acceptable - These belts will be in rougher condition and will be very worn.  The padding will be worn through in spots on the belt and there will be fraying and possibly a seam starting to come apart.  They are still functional - not missing any pieces - and just need a little work to get them back in good shape.
Coyote Brown