Bianchi M-12 Holster

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This is a genuine US military surplus Bianchi M-12 Pistol Holster in OD Green, designed for the Beretta 92 (M9) pistol.  The holster features a removable cover flap and a quick release belt clip.  These modular components allow this holster to be truly ambidextrous: if you're left handed, just reverse where the belt clip and cover flap are mounted.  The M-12 holster also features a built-in cleaning rod.

Quality Guide

These holsters come in various conditions.  Please use the quality guide below to find the right holster for you.

  • New - These holsters appear to be brand new.  They are not in the original packaging but they still have the stiffening pipe (from packaging) and the instruction manual inside them.
  • Like New - These holsters also appear to be new, but they do not come with the instructions or the above mentioned pipe.
  • Very Good - These holsters will show minor signs of typical use, and will still be fully functional.
  • Good - These holsters will appear to be a little more worn, and the retention strap that holds the top flap closed is going to be a little more loose than normal.  They are still fully functional.
Olive Drab (OD) Green
Bianchi International
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