ALICE/FILBE Hybrid Large Field Pack

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The ALICE LC-1 Large Pack has a 3800 cubic inch capacity.  Water resistant heavy duty nylon fabric. Gear pouch with drawstring within Large Main Compartment.  Hidden map compartment in the flap.  Three easily accessible exterior cargo pockets and 3 smaller accessory pockets. All pockets and main compartment equipped with metal drain holes at bottom. Three accessory pockets do not come with drain hole.Two inch nylon webbing sewn around top of bag. Both upper sides have metal grommets for attaching additional gear on outside of pack.  Two strap top flap with metal cinch/release.  Will hold upwards of 70 lbs of gear and food.  Measures 20" long and 19" wide. Some packs may come without "US" marking on outer flap.

The FILBE is the latest generation of Improved Load bearing design.  It offers advances in terms of load carrying capabilities, modularity and comfort.  The optimization of the frame, hip belt and shoulder harness system maximizes the ability to carry heavy loads efficiently, while minimizing the burden of weight.  The end result is improved overall system compatibility and increased comfort for the user.  This new design offers greater carrying capacity than ever before.

This ALICE/FILBE Hybrid Large Field Pack takes the new and improved design and comfort from the latest generation of military equipment and combines it with the tried and true ALICE Large Field Pack.  The ALICE pack seemlessly attaches to the FILBE frame with no modifications required.  This hybrid pack will come exactly as shown in the pictures, with no assembly required on your part.

Item Condition

The ALICE Large Field Packs have been previously used and are in very good condition.  The FILBE frame assemblies appear to be brand new and never used by the military.